For Over 20 Years

Our Big 4 pedigrees and professional experience are brought to bear on behalf of clients with both complex and simple business problems. Across the nation and from a broad range of industries, our Corporate Outsourcing and Tax Solutions bring value to top executives and startup businesses alike.


Entrepreneurship is the catalyst for a growing economy and we believe that every venture has the potential for success. We provide customized services to:

  • Small Businesses at any phase of the business cycle
  • Incubator and Accelerator companies


Companies – absent the household name, many of our clients still face world class business problems. Strategically and tactically we optimize tax functions (or whole departments) and/or outsource tricky business processes for:

  • Large domestic (and budding international) supplier and operator of security and medical control facilities
  • US-based, multi-state owner/operator of telephonic relay hardware systems

Fortune 500s

For over 20 years we served the Tax, Finance and Legal departments of some of America’s largest and fastest-growing publicly-traded and privately-held corporations:

  • One of the nation’s largest business supply retailers
  • Nations’ largest car dealership and franchise organization
  • International leader in waste management services

At Blackbyrd Group, we’re in the efficiency and value business. We look forward to sharing our skills with you and your team